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OK, I need to come clean here: I love shopping.  As we are mostly staying in London during the summer because we are attending the Olympic Games, I thought that I could take this little ‘staycation’ as an opportunity to shop a little bit. I even had a little speech in my head to convince my husband that it was all going to be for the greater good, and it really didn’t matter because we are not paying for expensive holidays anyway but I had to forget about all my well-prepared points when I saw the price of the Olympic Tickets. It was all worth it but, believe me, it is REALLY expensive… To make matters even worse, my daughters don’t like shopping with me, because apparently my tastes are really boring. My 12-year-old could spend a day trying clothes on at Topshop and Juicy Couture -not for me, thanks… As for my 7-year old, she always wants to buy some Legos, and I feel like I am a tad too old for Legos.
In short, it was going to be a bit more difficult that I initially thought. But I had a little help. Westfield (in Sheperds Bush) opened a bit less than 4 years ago and is a home from home. When I was younger (in my 20’s…) I used to love spending time shopping in small, independent shops, but obviously with children and little time I can’t do it anymore: Westfield is the answer. It is a all-in-one, you can find everything you need and I seem to be spending my days there when we are not going to the Olympic park. And guess what: it is empty!
So when I was contacted to partner with Westfield to give you the following information, I could only say a big YES!
Basically, Westfield is giving everyone the chance to share their own ‘I was there’ story which will live on as part of the legacy of London 2012.

“If you want to play, please sign up to one of Westfield’s teams. I personally support team WEST obviously -I like a little challenge…, so please follow the link here if you agree with me. If not (It is the Olympic Games, I play it fair), you can always click here. That’s it, you’re ready to take part in the competition of the summer!

Tweet #IWASTHERE #WEST (Follow Westfield here and here); join in on Facebook (here and here); take photos on instagram and earn points for your team.

The more points you score the more chance of winning. I know that I am nearing 40 and all the rest of it, and I should be reasonable, but I am excited, and I am taking part. What’s wrong with a little competition anyway?

And don’t forget the free entertainment here. All the kids services can be found if you follow the link. Let me know if you intend to go, I seem to be spending all my life there!
Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London