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When you stop being employed life catches up with you. I have never been busier. Honestly.  I am doing all the things that I have never had time to do (and I am only starting to appreciate all the things I missed and it is actually quite scary).
For instance, I have attended for the very first time a service at St Paul’s cathedral. It must sound incredible, but I had never ever been there. Well, it was amazing and well worth it despite the very weird modern hymn that we had in the middle of the service. And I loved the way everybody was singing. The lady behind me was probably thinking that she was at the Royal Opera House and gave us an impressive -and slightly misplaced- performance. I like passionate people, so I don’t resent her too much (my ears do).
I have also learned how to say St Paul. I can’t resist sharing it with you. You must absolutely not say St Paul the French way – which is, for your information, something like St Pol, short and crisp-. No, the proper British way is:

And nothing less will do.
Your mouth must look like the bottom of a chicken. If it doesn’t, then you are simply not saying it properly. I have finally cracked it! YAY (It took me 7 years though…)
Obviously, I am still learning. Let’s take the word “swap”, for instance. My very British daughter says something like SWOAOP. Oh, and you don’t pronounce the “t”s here. You say “wa’er” for water.
Anyway, I might get there when I am 100.
I also found out that there is a fantastic street market on Tachbrook Street. For a fiver you can eat a huge portion of Japanese, Moroccan or Indian food (I am forgetting half of the options I am sure). You can also buy fresh bread, fruit and vegs and anything you need really (and believe it or not, the can of Diet Coke only cost 40p) It is simply fantastic and I don’t have to fake my posh British accent there. You can grab a seat and feel life slowly coming back to you.
Life is good.
As for the business, I have just signed a new contract (more about that in a next post…)
And it feels good too. Thanks again for encouraging me to finally make a decision!

Muriel – A French Yummy Mummy In London