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I suppose it is this time of the year: I keep reading about how we French do everything better: French women are oh so chic, our food is oh so fresh and our parenting is, apparently, second to none.

Really? I must have missed something while I was on holidays. I see no other explanations.

So what makes us French women so chic? I have to break it to you, and you might not like it, but we French women are, well, just human beings, warts and all. For instance, we have digestive issues from time to time (just like everybody else). We are sometimes in a bad mood, or tired (or even both). And we sometimes get it wrong -as in, completely wrong. So what’s so special about us again? I really wonder.


We are not that sophisticated (OK, I’ll own up to it:  I am not that sophisticated). For instance, I am not after the next big thing. In fact, I don’t really care about new trends. I prefer to stick to timeless pieces. I told you, I think I might be a bit boring. But boring is good, right? In this day and age, being boring is a luxury not a lot of people can afford. Well, that’s my excuse for being boring anyway.

I have read somewhere that French style is all about attitude. I beg to disagree. If there is such a thing as French style, it’s about not having an attitude. It’s about never doing too much, and showing you don’t care that much about the way you look. Because my appearance ce isn’t the most interesting thing about me.

Well, at last I think/hope it isn’t. In fact, I don’t really care. You can think what you like about me.I won’t change know, I am who I am.

Can I tell you what I really think? It’s not that French women are chic, but that you think they are. It says more about you than about us French. If you lived in Paris or Marseille or Lille for a few years, you’d see the same vast range of personalities and physical characteristics that you do anywhere else. Believe me: been there, done it. Not to mention that you should have seen me vomit at the end of my last marathon in Sydney: you would definitely have thought twice about French women being chic (talking of which: I won a cup -the first one in my whole running life!). Just saying.

In short, as they say, beauty is in the eye of the beholder.